FAQs – Gemma Barnett Art



You must have a lot of patience to cut out a paper cut?

Most of the time! I find absorbing myself into a paper cut piece quite therapeutic. It helps me be in the here and now & keeps me focused on what's in front of me. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist too which I find is a quality that lends itself quite nicely!

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design.

Remember that each print can come out looking a little different from the last & some grainy texture could be seen throughout the design. The unpredictability is one of the things I find so fascinating about screen printing; every single print is one of a kind, absolutely unique!

Can I commission a paper cut from you?

Yes you can! I really enjoy working on special projects for customers. If you have an idea in mind & would like to discuss it please feel free to contact me via the Contact page.